Humidify Your Way To Glowy Skin : Here's How

If you too find yourself feeling congested pretty much all hours of the day, or having trouble sleeping then you might probably want to re-think the quality of the air around you. The hard reality is that dry weather along with your favorite air conditioner and heater can not only deliver some much-unwanted dull-looking complexion but also contribute to your already severe seasonal allergies nasal congestion.

Portable humidifiers might not be considered a beauty product- even though they carry a plethora of skin-boosting benefits apart from moisturizing dry air. In fact, investing in a humidifier can actually help your existing skincare routine to perform even better. How? I hear you ask. Well, thanks to their obvious abilities to add more moisture to your space, serums, creams all things skin-enhancing will sink in your skin a lot quicker and easier - as opposed to them sitting on top of it thanks to the dry air around you. So, let's call your portable humidifier a "beauty" tool if that makes it easier for you to add one of these goodies to your home.

When you’re traveling away from home your skin most likely gets exposed to a slew of different environmental settings, that's exactly why having a portable humidifier ready for grabs is a huge bonus. Even though full-size humidifiers can sometimes carry a price tag of around $500, portable humidifiers offer the same benefits with a much more affordable price attached to them.

RigoAir ™ - Ultrasonic Humidifier

affordable humidifier for traveling

This effective yet aesthetically pleasing humidifier not only adds moisture to your home but also helps you battle your respiratory ailments with ease. Forget about chapped lips, dry and irritated eyes, or dry/nasal nosebleeds, because this super-portable humidifier is perfect for use at your desk, car, or even on an airplane while also being perfectly safe for humans and pets alike.

Thanks to the Nano Atomization Technology, it atomizes fragrance/essential oil 10x better than other diffusers and can also be used as monochrome or colorful night light. This 300ml silent ultrasonic humidifier is USB powered, so you can enjoy your much-deserved rest and increase your sleep quality, get rid of rough dry skin and overall breath, and live better.

As for your leafy friends, the RigoAir™ - Ultrasonic Humidifier can create an ideal environment with optimal humidity that will help your plants to keep strong and healthy.


Article originally posted on kmeetsstyle fashion and beauty blog