How Humidifiers Can Provide Allergy Relief

Whether you’re allergic to pollen, pet dander, mold, or dust, it’s no fun having allergies. You’re not alone — so many people suffer from the dry eyes, irritated sinuses, and labored breathing that comes with seasonal or everyday allergies. And while there are many contrivances designed to reduce common allergens, one of the best gadgets you can get might actually be a humidifier. But how do humidifier help? And which models are the best?


Humidifiers absolutely help with allergies— just probably not in the way you think. According to experts, humidifiers work to reduce allergy symptoms by improving the condition of mucus membranes. By increasing the relative humidity in the air, nasal passageways and tissues become less inflamed, which allows them to naturally blow out more allergens and irritants. It also enables the cilia inside the nasal passages to more effectively trap and expel allergens.


Increasing the relative humidity to above 50 percent can actually cause some allergens to thrive. Mold and dust mites love nothing better than warm, moist air, so you’ll want to keep the relative humidity at closer to 30 percent. The moist air will also help the nose, eyes, and throat from feeling so dried, reducing coughing and dry, itchy eyes.

Humidifiers also reduce the number of airborne pathogen particles in the air. This is because water vapor tends to condense over these particles, creating water droplets. Just remember to vacuum any carpeted rooms where you run humidifiers often, as vacuuming can help lift those allergens out of the carpet.

Unfortunately, improperly maintained humidifiers can also cause bacteria, mold, and other dangerous fungi to grow and thrive, making a relatively minor problem that much worse. Many molds can be dangerous if  ingested or breathed into the lungs, so be sure to keep your humidifier clean and filled with fresh water every time you use it.


What  kind is the best humidifier for allergies?

According to experts and many studies, the top-rated humidifier in terms of reducing allergy symptoms is an ultrasonic humidifier, in this case the RigoAir ™ humidifier.

 With many five-star customer reviews , it's hard to argue against this top-rated humidifier. With one fill, this device can provide 300 milliliters of moisture to a space. It's silent, easy to clean, and most importantly, effective.

If you’re suffering from sinus-drying allergies, consider getting a humidifier. It doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles of the top-rated one above, but it should help matters a bit in terms of easing your symptoms.